Caregivers rarely get respite or relief  from their  work.

Christian Caregiver Relief tries to help the overlooked caregiver via the charitable Christian act of giving respite breaks to caregivers. 

The Carter, Cynthia, Granville, Madlyn Ryan Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit charity, doing business as Christian Caregiver Relief (CCR), that matches caregivers who need breaks with volunteers specially oriented to provide that service.

At the free orientation session, volunteers learn about the details of giving breaks and what to do in the event of an emergency.

At CCR our mission is to provide caregivers with breaks of up to four hours twice a month.

Our network of volunteers is oriented to give breaks without cost to those providing care to loved ones.

First, a Christian Caregiver Relief official meets with the caregiver and patient and explains the service.

Next, two volunteers simply go to the patient’s house and keep the patient company, while the caregiver goes out for a two to four- hour break.

Length of service is completely at the volunteer’s discretion and schedule.

The Carter, Cynthia, Granville, Madlyn Ryan Foundation d/b/a Christian Caregiver Relief (CCR) is accepting applications of amateur caregivers within a 45-minute drive of many participating
churches. CCR is able to help because of volunteers from churches like yours. CCR offers prospective volunteers free orientation sessions without requiring commitments in advance.

Ways You Can Help:

Find caregivers who need relief.

Learn about CCR at a brief orientation meeting.

Become a volunteer.

Join a team of people who pray for the volunteers during 
   their relief sessions.

Contribute financially.

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